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Juice FX

Add any animation to your sprite to look more juicy! · By CodeManu

How to export at the same height and width (+ area needed for movement) as original sprite?

A topic by Gravedrinker created 61 days ago Views: 85 Replies: 1
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Right now I load in a 450 x 450 px sprite, add an animation, and the only thing I can export it as is 2048x2048, creating a need for photoshop batch processing shenanigans to get it back down to roughly 450 x 450.

Is there a way to set a canvas size that is big enough to house the extra movement added to the sprite, but doesn't just crank out 2048x2048 files? 

My canvas size is set to 512 x 512 which would be perfect as an export but still results in bigger files.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but being able to export in roughly the same dimensions as the image I loaded would make this a thousand times easier and more straight forward to work with.


Hi there!

This is not possible at the moment, due to the render canvas size being hardcoded in order to reduce the number of things that can go wrong with it. It might be looked into the future but with a big red warning that using canvas that aren't powers of 2 can cause from little artifacts to random crashes. 

EDIT: I'm sorry, I thought that you meant to change the canvas size to 450x450 (I shouldn't read that fast). You might be using the HD mode, it increases the output resolution in order to achieve the HD look. In order to get a 512x512 canvas you should use the pixel art mode.