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Wonderful idea, thank you!

Is that because it's using draw GUI end? Have you tried drawing it in the draw gui end event?

I just searched for card games on here because I was interested to see if there  are some cool small ones. (Like this one)

This is a pretty cool idea and works great. It would be nice to have a better feedback when you die and go back to the start. Also a more self explanatory way to tell your health maybe?

Nice job though, the concept is interesting and fun.

You made some beautiful tilesets here, thanks for putting them up for free!

Not bad! Thank you very much. Could be a lot more to it and more refined of course but for a gamejam game I was really happy with it when I made it.  

lol thanks for playing it! Made me happy to see. :D

Nice job dude! The pixelated look with 3D objects looks pretty cool. I suck just as bad as in flappy bird but it definitely works well. As for feedback, I think the gravity of the ball may be a bit more floaty than it was in Flappybird (if I remember correctly anyway) which makes it easier to fly off past the top of screen. Then again, flappybird was hard to control too so that's all relative I guess. :P

Keep it up man!

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Switching out the font the text always "kin d a l o ok s l i ke th i s" with spaces between some letters. I've tried different fonts but it always looks off. The "CharSize" variable does change the kerning, but it changes nothing about the character spaces being off in the first place, so you can't fix it by changing that. The random spaces remain.

Does anyone know what this could be about? Is there a way to fix this? 

To reproduce this, just change the default font to literally anything else. Whatever else I try has the kerning/letter spacing thrown off. Is there any way to fix this, or are you effectively locked to using the font it comes with?

Right now I load in a 450 x 450 px sprite, add an animation, and the only thing I can export it as is 2048x2048, creating a need for photoshop batch processing shenanigans to get it back down to roughly 450 x 450.

Is there a way to set a canvas size that is big enough to house the extra movement added to the sprite, but doesn't just crank out 2048x2048 files? 

My canvas size is set to 512 x 512 which would be perfect as an export but still results in bigger files.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but being able to export in roughly the same dimensions as the image I loaded would make this a thousand times easier and more straight forward to work with.