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A high-end code editor for GameMaker: Studio / GameMaker Studio 2 · By YellowAfterlife

Idea for GMLive integration or plugin

A topic by SnoutUp created 33 days ago Views: 52 Replies: 4
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Absolutely loving the GMEdit after the few latest updates, been using it in tandem with GMLive for quite a while now and was wondering if it would be possible to improve their integration via plugin or GMEdit update. I'm thinking about something like a checkbox in context menu which toggles live_call() code at the top of the script (I guess a tricky part would be to detect if script has arguments) or having a short string like #live would do something similar. If that makes any sense.

One way to go about this would be snippets, which would save some time, but wouldn't make code cleaner.


I do have a plugin like that lying around somewhere (added a code editor keyboard shortcut to "toggle" the live_call line) but I proceeded to over-scope it by deciding that it'd be neat to allow inserting live_call line into every event at once. I'll get to this soon.

A global toggle for live functions (and maybe the live_enabled macro) would also really help when pushing your project to a public repository.

I've tried using GMEdit's global replacement but it had weird behavior sometimes (it would comment the line, but also put them on the same line as the #event line).


That is a job for configurations - add a GML extension with a few dummy scripts for live_calls (which would all just return 0) and disable GMLive extension (in extension properties) for all platforms, then add a new configuration where this extension is disabled and GMLive is enabled. And use `#macro live_enabled:LiveConfig 1` for config-specific macro value.

That sounds... really smart. Gonna try this, thank you!