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Hi Kaaz. Thanks for trying out the game. That part of the tutorial is to show you that you need to use the direction keys to stick it to the wall. I will try to make the help blob better. Let me know if you get through it.

Thanks :D

Pyramid Plunge is a game where you find yourself stuck in a pyramid with your partner Felicie. The only way is down, and you have to take Felicie with you. Pyramid Plunge is a of quick decisions where you have to balance risk and reward in order to avoid getting drowned in the flood!


  • Help scaredy-cat Felicie through the levels by carrying her, throwing her and pulling her up. (There will be a reversed mode where Felicie throws George around in the near future)
  • Find interesting powerups in crates littering the pyramids from past explorers
  • Infinite procedurally generated levels
  • Pyramid of the Day, to play the same generated levels for 24hours
  • Collect coins and gems to buy items from the bazaar
  • Get Felicie to the treasure chest found in each level, and get random power-ups and coins
  • Balance risk and rewards from pickups, otherwise you'll have to swim through the flood!
  • Compete in online leaderboards, with the Pyramid of the Day resetting every 24hours
  • Enjoy local multiplayer mode where you have to remain alive and collect more coins than your opponent

Download the demo now:

We need your feedback ;)


My game has online leaderboards, which can be added to any html page so one can view the current scores. However the description field doesn't seem to allow adding an object tag, as it gets broken. It basically gets rendered as normal html, even if I enter it while in html view.

Is this a bug or is it just to not allow malicious object tags in descriptions?


In a step of an object I was seeing 

[live][16:14:27] Runtime error: obj_Boulder:Step_0[L2,c15] obj_Boulder:Step_0[L2,c15] Can't add number and undefined

The offending code was this:

verticalSpeed += global.gravity;

If I replace the global variable by some literal value the error goes away. The global variable in question is declared in an initialisation script but even if I do a show_debug_message it is being shown as undefined. Is there some problem with global variables being used in "live" scripts?

I'm just posting to subscribe to this post.