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[Music Producer] Looking to collaborate on any type of game

A topic by Shen created Apr 16, 2019 Views: 173 Replies: 2
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Hello ! I'm Yasser Wadah also know as Shen, I'm a music producer and I can help providing soundtracks and atmospheres to your games, i'm open to all suggestions and willing to go step by step, able to make suddle changes and constant communication ! 

here is my soundcloud :

Contact me :   or  /  @yasserwadah at twitter :D

here is an idea on what my works sound like ! 

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Bro you should try to upload some of your stuff on Aviencloud on youtube. I think they would really like your music judging from the example you gave, and you would get a ton of exposure. Seriously look them up. :) It sounds good though. GL

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