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Yeah it does haha. Just an FYI but I am able to hold down the mouse instead of have to click every egg, which seems like cheating to me. 

But the games sound design is actually very good I like it and the game-play was pretty fun :).

score 7330 lmfao Im a god

Well you aren't going to make any progress unless you A: have the server code B: Do what samuelroy21 says and try to reverse enginner the packets to figure out what the server is doing or C: try to copy what the server-side is doing with your own code.  It's great that you managed to decrypt all the assets but that is much, much easier than what else you are attempting to do.

If I were you, I would go with option C. If you all know the game well enough you would be able to copy everything with enough accuracy that no one would notice the diffrence. 

But the main thing is, you don't really need more people. You need some kind of plan on how to do it first. Even if you had 15+ great devs join your team today nothing would magically happen. You need to give them something to do, either by getting the server code or make a document/plan on all the features you want to emulate from the original game.


Wow. This is cool

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Bro you should try to upload some of your stuff on Aviencloud on youtube. I think they would really like your music judging from the example you gave, and you would get a ton of exposure. Seriously look them up. :) It sounds good though. GL

Will do! Thanks.

Hey im using this for my games logo if that is okay with you! 

Is it okay for commercial games?

I honestly cant believe how amazing this pack looks. I will be buying this for sure lol


These are really nice. Is it okay if I use them commercially?

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Nice article. I kind've wished you would've written about the title more though, haha. I clicked on this expecting a review of how the game modernizes itself and I got.. an interview with the developer about his dev experience. :( 

But it was very well written!