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High quality

LOL Is that the Godot logo I see? hahaha. Very well done.

Yeah it does haha. Just an FYI but I am able to hold down the mouse instead of have to click every egg, which seems like cheating to me. 

But the games sound design is actually very good I like it and the game-play was pretty fun :).

score 7330 lmfao Im a god


Wow. This is cool

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Bro you should try to upload some of your stuff on Aviencloud on youtube. I think they would really like your music judging from the example you gave, and you would get a ton of exposure. Seriously look them up. :) It sounds good though. GL

Will do! Thanks.

Hey im using this for my games logo if that is okay with you! 

Is it okay for commercial games?

I honestly cant believe how amazing this pack looks. I will be buying this for sure lol


These are really nice. Is it okay if I use them commercially?

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Nice article. I kind've wished you would've written about the title more though, haha. I clicked on this expecting a review of how the game modernizes itself and I got.. an interview with the developer about his dev experience. :( 

But it was very well written!