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Far Blade

Far Blade 3d Pixelart Boss Rush Adventure · By Bcubedlabs

I'll have to remember to pick this up when i get a burner card

A topic by Temmieneko created Apr 16, 2019 Views: 431 Replies: 5
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wish there were easier ways to buy games here, lol.

Do you use Stripe?  Have you ever purchased from the Humble Store?

I get that everyone trusts/loves PayPal for some stupid reason but PayPal is anything but a pal; more like the backstabbing bastard that regularly rips off people, freezes accounts without notice/consent, and engages in widescale massive money-fraud on a near-daily basis with near-impunity to consequences.  There's a reason eBay and PayPal aren't exactly best buddies anymore.  Do an internet search if you want to waste a few dozen hours lol. actually requires people to pay for things instead of taking a Steam 'dump' on the games industry.  Steam permits users that are exploiting loopholes in the law and using 3rd party programs to farm digital cards and collectibles to resell on the market to scammers who then drive up the prices and sell them back for a profit and use them to engage in criminal fraud and rip off indie devs and gamers alike.  Plenty of YT videos on it too.

If you don't want to use your card online for whatever reason then that's up to you, but never believe that any corporation (especially Valve) ever have your best interests at heart.  We as customers are nothing but worthless cattle to them; to be milked dry and then spied on and analyzed for additional 'recurrent user spending' revenue.

Yeah I'm a bit bitter ;)
Back in the day we handed our allowance cash money to the person behind the counter and got the game thing in a nice package.  Nobody could ever take it away from us.  We OWNED the cartridge.  <3

I detest PayPal, especially since I am still dealing with a fraudulent credit account somebody put in my name like 7 years ago, and I literally have never used their service. Their customer service is pig-headed to a T, so I just ignore em now. They suck lol x3

but yeah i'll grab this on the weekend for sure, I love pixel art in 3D, pixel art is a dying form lol


Sites like offer cards like that if you're still on the fence.


oh im not on the fence, I just have a poor memory, and I'm kinda lazy o 3o 


I legit never knew that site existed.  Thanks for the info!  <3