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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Making a "Sun Icon in the Map" bug into a useful thing

A topic by Delofon created 40 days ago Views: 72 Replies: 2
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It seems that everyone who played the new 0.47 have witnessed the bug with sun icon at the left-bottom corner of the map. As I know,  Steve is already working with fix. The thing is: that gave me an idea of something to lie around in the world and when opening the map an icon with something will be where that thing is found. Maybe crashed probes with some nice stuff. To make an option to see icons on these things more reasonable you may add an option to acquire signals from debris (scrap metal or other crashed probes). There are plenty of scrap metal in the world, maybe make some to not just drop scrap metal themselves, electronics and components, but also signals (maybe broken and ready to be repaired in construction yard and decoded in research lab)? They also may have a special texture with something hiding below scrap.

Want to know how Steve looks at this idea.


It reminds me how ideas I've had for a quest-system of sorts.  Just to give the player something else to do. Having "unknown signals" appear on the map for the player to investigate could def be part of it. Just gotta think of what the rewards would be.  Like free base modules, resources, research points etc

Research points is a good reward indeed cuz the player researched an unknown something. I also just remembered about the future rockets: why not make some parts of the future rocket that are only obtainable there?