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Hardware Tycoon

Design and sell hardware to outdo the competition in this free tycoon! · By Haxor

Version History

A topic by Nineday created Apr 10, 2019 Views: 155 Replies: 7
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I mean like, so you can go trough Hardware Tycoon's Versions and play them all, like from the first, to the latest version.


I wanted to make a comparison video between 0.2 and 0.2.8 to show how the game has changed, but it didn't work out. I can assure you that there is nothing interesting in the older versions. Is there a particular reason you want to play older versions?


I just wan't to expierence all the versions, I wanna see how it changed, and play around with older stuff, I just wanna go version trough version, just to see those changes, it's so satisfying.


A Version Library would be awesome!


I don't know,

Any last words?

Yes, I did this once with Minecraft, I don't play it anymore, you know, the Cringe & Stuff.



Alright, I guess there is some appeal in playing older versions. I can't upload them here, because there's a size limit, but I can upload it to some cloud and link it here. I'll do it tomorrow, when hopefully my connection won't be as slow.

For now, you can play 0.2.7 on this site:


Alright, all versions are available to download from here:!LoxHnAwZ!VSXOQsnHfKEp7QIuV2PvJw
I only have Windows-64 bit ones and 0.2.7 is available on GameJolt as mentioned previously.

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The Version aren't working,


I tried every way..

Could you provide more details?

If it doesn't run then try deleting Hardware Tycoon folder in C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Local

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It works,  thanks!

It's so beautiful, wow..