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classic style space shooter alien attack

A topic by carlos created Oct 15, 2016 Views: 359 Replies: 1
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 photo cover2_zpsxtc8sgiy.jpg


i have uploaded a space shooter game based in the classic space invaders

currently in development so i would love get some feedback

you can play it on browser

space or left click to shoot

control the ship with arrows

there are 4 power ups

5 levels.

you can play it here

 photo alien attack_zps3zkiy8z0.gif

thank you.


Hi there! I tried your game, and quickly ran into problems:

  • the iframe is much too wide; it won't quite fit in my browser window even if I maximise it -- and I hate having to maximize it;
  • there's no obvious way to turn off sound;
  • the code could stand a good deal of optimization;
  • aliens are ridiculously resilient.

I'd love to give it another try, but each of these problems alone is a deal-breaker for me; all of them together make it unplayable. Sorry.