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How do I run it?

A topic by Antiscamp created 44 days ago Views: 66 Replies: 3
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I've downloaded Eras2 as well as the Maelstrom engine on this Itch client. Now how do I actually run the game to be able to play it? 

What's the use of utilizing this useless Itch client if it's not going to be as simple as  just click and play for the end user? This adds nothing. It makes it no easier at all. It was in fact a lot easier before when there was just a straightforward download. Now, I've been sitting here for an hour while it downloaded and I'm still not in-game by just clicking "Play". It should be as easy as that!

I love the game itself and had masses of fun with it while I could play it, but I said on the Buccaneer's Reef forum, and I'll say it hagain here that I do not like this Itch client.

So the solution is you have to make a shortcut . The process is described in a document called MaelstromSetup.pdf which is included in the download. Although a very crude installation process, it's well worth doing, because it'll get you started playing the best Pirate game since Sid Meier's 1987 classic.

For now, the Itch client allows a way to play the multiple mods/games (e.g. COAS, GOF 1.2, ERAS, etc.) with just one set of Maelstrom.exe + modules/*.dll fileset; the old cd version required a separate copy of the *.exe + *.dll files for each one.  However, the Itch install does not let me modify the special Itch manifest file to tailor the file location of each place.  So I added instructions to change it, but it is not optimal if someone chooses file locations that are different than the hardcoded, supplied manifest file.

A work in process is to perhaps provide a single executable that will allow just one manifest entry in the Itch file to launch that, and the new executable will allow one to select from a dropdown list the engine version to play (e.g. DX8, DX9 32 bit, or DX9 64 bit) and a dropdown of the various mods/games, but that will take some time to develop.

I just wanted to make it easier to keep current on the engine, by only having one, because multiple copies would require a person to download and copy them all separately, and remember to keep them updated manually, but the Itch client can automatically keep a single one updated for you, and also provide a simpler way to launch the separate mods by just clicking a button in the Itch client.  But you are free to break that update process and simply copy the Maelstrom.exe, Config.exe and the modules folder to each mod/game like the old game used to be.


Mr. Jeffrey,

I have used more than half a day to get the client operational. Had good help from your advice at the Reef. I would NEVER have bothered with this unintuitive PoS if I did not appreciate your game as much as I do. But I was actually pretty close to chuck it all overboard. Let`s see how the client will behave at first update... 

Even if it may be practical after being set up correctly(mine thinks it`s not but works anyway...)  the work needed to set it up is pretty discouraging and may lead to people abandoning otherwise excellent games if there is no alternative way to install those.

Rgds, Oldtimer