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So the solution is you have to make a shortcut . The process is described in a document called MaelstromSetup.pdf which is included in the download. Although a very crude installation process, it's well worth doing, because it'll get you started playing the best Pirate game since Sid Meier's 1987 classic.

I've downloaded Eras2 as well as the Maelstrom engine on this Itch client. Now how do I actually run the game to be able to play it? 

What's the use of utilizing this useless Itch client if it's not going to be as simple as  just click and play for the end user? This adds nothing. It makes it no easier at all. It was in fact a lot easier before when there was just a straightforward download. Now, I've been sitting here for an hour while it downloaded and I'm still not in-game by just clicking "Play". It should be as easy as that!

I love the game itself and had masses of fun with it while I could play it, but I said on the Buccaneer's Reef forum, and I'll say it hagain here that I do not like this Itch client.