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More ideas

A topic by TheShadowCat created Oct 13, 2016 Views: 165 Replies: 3
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Thought of some things that would be cool to add to the game.

  • single + double knives lower damage then the sword to armour but high in open places make you faster and the abilty to throw them
  • grapling hook a grapling hook which you can grab and pull them to you and use to get around
  • Diffrent variations of swords longsword big cleaving sword two handed with high damage and range but slow same attack animation as current sword but much bigger, rapier long thin sword that does a stab attack with high penetration and the sweeps do low damage, Katana for ninjas,
  • Ball and chain that crushes enemies limbs and head
  • spear that skewers your enemies with a jab attack and have a chance to keep enemies limbs on it and be able to throw it but lose it
  • War axe
  • nunchuks
  • Spiked Sheild
  • jetpack
  • a suicide bomber enemy who runs at you and explodes
  • poison gas which is in certain parts of the map that kills you and enemies
  • A mech boss which analasis bot calls johnston
  • "A mech boss which analasis bot calls johnston"

This is my favorite suggestion because of how specific it is. :P

Grappling hook sounds fun too!
Can see it being neat to pull someone towards you then slice them while they're in the air. Perhaps time slows down a bit as your opponent hurls towards you.


Slow motion would be cool would be epic if when it slowed down you could also kick them to kill them instead of a sword.


Great job on game is unique and even the small amount of levels their are but is still really fun can tell will be awesome when finished.