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A member registered Oct 10, 2016

Recent community posts

i think a upgrade for the bow where you shoot multiple arrows would be cool instead of adding a shotgun

Great job on game is unique and even the small amount of levels their are but is still really fun can tell will be awesome when finished.

Slow motion would be cool would be epic if when it slowed down you could also kick them to kill them instead of a sword.

Thought of some things that would be cool to add to the game.

  • single + double knives lower damage then the sword to armour but high in open places make you faster and the abilty to throw them
  • grapling hook a grapling hook which you can grab and pull them to you and use to get around
  • Diffrent variations of swords longsword big cleaving sword two handed with high damage and range but slow same attack animation as current sword but much bigger, rapier long thin sword that does a stab attack with high penetration and the sweeps do low damage, Katana for ninjas,
  • Ball and chain that crushes enemies limbs and head
  • spear that skewers your enemies with a jab attack and have a chance to keep enemies limbs on it and be able to throw it but lose it
  • War axe
  • nunchuks
  • Spiked Sheild
  • jetpack
  • a suicide bomber enemy who runs at you and explodes
  • poison gas which is in certain parts of the map that kills you and enemies
  • A mech boss which analasis bot calls johnston

with the shield i dont mean a bubble i mean a sheild like a greek hoplite sheild made of a force feild and just thought each colour of your player could have different shield colour

These are just ideas so dont have to be implemented but would be cool if some were P.S love game cant wait for more to be added anyway just some ideas i had i thought were cool

  1. replace arrow block or add by itself a laser/forcefield shield used by holding right click and being able to do a shield bash which cannot kill but can be upgraded to stun cannot use while the bow is out and will have to have some sort of cooldown like the bow will only protect you fowards and you will get stunned when the shield gets hit by melee
  2. next to the clone upgrade you could add a heal one to fix your character if they are damaged
  3. some sort of robot animal or helper to fight with you could possibly have some sort of bird or flying thing that swoops down and knocks enemies over or rips their arms off (probably not this as would be difficult to make and might be over powered)
  4. Blink Short range teleport really short range something like 10 meters

Hello had the same thing as corruptunip69 my left arm got cut off and my body got rotated diagonally with my head backwards and then i could not attack i got killed then it would start again with the writing saying nullreference exception and more things i would get taken up the elevator and could not do anything at all ,look around ,move ,attack, but the enemy would still behave normally kill me and loops infinitely over and over. love game but has lots of glitches and more added but will be very good.