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Some of my ideas

A topic by TheShadowCat created Oct 12, 2016 Views: 116 Replies: 2
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These are just ideas so dont have to be implemented but would be cool if some were P.S love game cant wait for more to be added anyway just some ideas i had i thought were cool

  1. replace arrow block or add by itself a laser/forcefield shield used by holding right click and being able to do a shield bash which cannot kill but can be upgraded to stun cannot use while the bow is out and will have to have some sort of cooldown like the bow will only protect you fowards and you will get stunned when the shield gets hit by melee
  2. next to the clone upgrade you could add a heal one to fix your character if they are damaged
  3. some sort of robot animal or helper to fight with you could possibly have some sort of bird or flying thing that swoops down and knocks enemies over or rips their arms off (probably not this as would be difficult to make and might be over powered)
  4. Blink Short range teleport really short range something like 10 meters

with the shield i dont mean a bubble i mean a sheild like a greek hoplite sheild made of a force feild and just thought each colour of your player could have different shield colour

I think the shield should be a breakable part like armor