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New traps

A topic by redwils5@gmail.com created Oct 11, 2016 Views: 132 Replies: 3
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Ok we have buzz saws but i think dart traps. arrow turrets. and more should be in the game. put trap ideas in the comments.

So kicking is meant to be a way to push your enemies into traps. What trapsdo you think it would be fun to kick your enemies into??

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spikes on parts of the wall so they get impaled

Fire? I suppose you could allow it to burn away nearby blocks from the affected area.
Electricity? Shock the enemies making them vulnerable.
Oil/ Sludge? Slow the enemies making them vulnerable.

Water you short circuit, I guess. Not fond of this idea.

I suppose it would add to the tech tree, but you could add to the skills "Environment Resistance" as of course you'd be affected as well.