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Wolfstar Sins and Paradise

Sin doesn't end in the afterlife. Can these two heroes save their immortal souls? · By Wolfstar

Support and updates

A topic by Resbach created Apr 01, 2019 Views: 858 Replies: 10
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Hi, I only have two questions that need to be answered. 

I played the game through for a first time for now and are very curious of what future updates will bring to us.

If there is going to be more I'd like to support you. So I wanted to ask if you are on Patreon and if how to find you. I try searching for creator names and VN names but they won't show up for some reason.

Thanks fo reading this and best of luck for future updates and projects. I hope this game will not be discontinued. It seems like you aren't as active as others here on It could also be that I'm  just blind. Okay, inactive seems wrong but why am I not getting an answer then?

So please tell me if you are on Patreon, thanks.

Greetings from Germany

(I love this VN keep it up!)

(I wrote a whole review on my profile...)


Howlies Resbach!

Thank you for playing through my game, I'm glad you found it entertaining.

There is going to be quite a bit more content coming, we have 5 routes to work on with Rufus being the next to get the story treatment.

My Patreon is located here:

Please forgive the slow pace of updating, as of this time I am the only employee/ creator of everything that goes into Sins.

Thank you for the well-wishes, I love this project and look forward to the day when it is completed.

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Np I remain patient. This is not the only 'gem' around :P even though it's one of the best here on and one of the best overall.

I want to say one thing only now and that's is it possible for you to make the updates so the current process doesn't get deleted? Would be sweet. Never mind nothing got deleted.

I'm propably writing more tomorrow because it's 5 am now...

Ah btw. I hooked up with you on Patreon. Does this sound weird? Idk...

Sigh, sometimes English is still a mystery for me. Although I was learning it since the 3rd grade I think.

(And now I am here writing more than I wanted to 😌)


Your patience works wonders for me, thank you  =3
Also thank you for finding me on Patreon, I greatly appreciate it.   Yeah in the past we used to declare in game variables which meant that players would lose any progress when updates came around.   Now we define in game variables instead to avoid having old save data become obsolete. 

Renpy is a fun program to wrap your head around  @.#

Thank you again   =3

(P.S  Your English is fine, better than most Americans   x3

Oh? I am glad to hear that 🤔 

> x3? (= times 3 or <3? 🤔)

I wouldn't really mind to play through again. There's still the skip option if needed, but nice that it isn't a thing, any longer, anyways.

Bet it took some time to get used to this program... 

I am also glad I can help out a tiny bit on this wonderful project. The biggest reason why I am doing it is because of some kind of protest and equal rights, if you know what I mean. It propably sounds weird this way. I do think it's worth to support too, of course.

Anyways <3 (hope you don't mind this corny symbol ;)


x3    (cat face/ cute animal face)

Protest eh?  Keep up the struggle brother, we shall overcome any problem when we're united to a cause.


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I like to hear that, I like to hear that alot brother. You are damn right. 

Let's be who we want to be, united! There are no problems big enough to cause damage to us!

Coolness is questionable, we wanna be strong but cute... and furry x3 

I am liking your attitude, awsome! 


Edit: The last question I have at this moment: Are the versions on all platforms the same? Judging by the version numbers they aren't.


Thank you kindly Resbach   x3

All versions available are the same.  The phone build only has 3 versions thus far, but it's all caught up now   =3

Great to know but I need a Laptop soon anyways...

(I remain patient :)

Hello  Wolfstar I have a question for you when next public  version 


Every month to two months for the public demo depending how crazy my life and work gets   =3

Sorry for the late reply  x3