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I want the game to come out as soon as possible and I want to see a new trailer

Thank you so much for new public update and good luck

I'm just wondering what will be added in the new version

thank you so  much for  new version lookm amazing good luck with new update 

will a new version of your game be released soon

thank you so much for new public version and good luck with new updates in your game 

what about the report for February

What about new public update

thanks  for now  public  update and good luck with new future update in you're game 

thank you so  much for new public version and good  luck

I'm just wondering if your game will be released soon steam 

I really liked your report I have a question if there will be a gallery in the game  I look forward to your next report I really liked your game

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you're game is amazing maybe this year will be intresting story and new characters 

will a new one be released soon public  version 

thanks for good news and good luck 

thanks for the answer if I understand correctly then the new update will be released on January 25 only for patreon  what about new public  update please give an answer

I'm just wondering in your new updates there will be new characters

I have a question in what updates Killigan And Mac leave the city Aris and go new adventures 

I have a question, see if you completely finish your game Extracurricular Activities will your game appear later in steam 


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maybe at least in the next updates will be more intresting routes 

will you be releasing a new update soon

Merry Christmas  Braford and good luck with your game

what about a new update, maybe next week will be

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Hello can you give some advice on hack Mike's phone 

Thank you so much braford for  new update advice write at least a list of changes in your game

Hello I'm interested to ask you what new are you planning in the next updates

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Hello  how to open the second scene in your game give advice The character Kyne

thank you so much for advice

Windows  10 only you see with the first mini-game I coped, but with the second I can not cope  give me some advice on how to complete the second mini-game


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Hello  your game is good but i have one problem in the game i can't access the cameras in the bar MoonHell  the character Arkanio  

Thank you so much eddio for new public version I really holpe next year will be more intresting story and good luck

Thank you braford for new public version maybe next year 2021 more will be intresting story and new content

thank you so much for new public version 

This great game  I love it 

Hello Eddio I wonder if you will release soon new public  version  

This great update thank you eddio and good luck

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thank you for new version and good  luck

Thank you Eddio new update great I hope will see more  intresting story