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Sensory Deprivation Simulator

A topic by Tartle Games created Apr 01, 2019 Views: 75
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For months now I've secretly been working on a project that will change the world and today it is released as an itch exclusive.

It is a Sensory Deprivation Simulator

This isn't just a game. It is a simulation, an experience, a real-life vision quest. You have to be patient to play. Very patient. But if patient, you may or may not be rewarded with visions of the past, the present, what may or may not be. You may grow to understand yourself on a deeper level. It is a personal journey and it is one-player only and playable in the web browser. Play with caution.

All the graphics are custom and while they can be intense, any computer can run the game because it is rendered in a revolutionary computer in your brain. I'd like to say more about this, but I'm under an NDA right now because of the government of Google.

If you do have a vision, please tell me about it in the comments.