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More Feature Ideas

A topic by REM955 created Oct 10, 2016 Views: 154 Replies: 3
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I will jump on. Fully aware that these are only ideas, suggestions and to be taken as such. I do enjoy the game. Thanks, if that is appropriate.
Custom color when starting. I suppose a slider could do these.
  • Body - Primary
  • Body - Trim
  • Sword
Chain Gun:
  • 3-4 second stream of 1 pixels
  • Deflection seems iffy to me. I would think if it is available it is initially sporadic or not able to target them like top tier with arrows currently.
Charger (enemy):
  • Charges at you, then turns around. Classic enemy type.
  • I know there was another enemy you showed that had blades in front. Might be what I am suggesting.
The Floor is Lava:
  • Self Explanatory
  • Self Explanatory
Directional Block:
  • Like with the swing, AWD plus another button (right click?) to block from different directions
Sword Thrust:
  • Forward thrust motion. Not the overhead swing.
Aerial Enemies:
  • Thought 1: Arm the clean up bot model.
  • Thought 2: Swooping type.
  • Also iffy considering what range a character has. Sword/ Bow
Bullet Time:
  • I do like the sequence when killing the Mark 3 Swordsman
  • Would be a option in menu to turn off/on
  • Not fond of the idea as an ability, but could combine with block I guess.

There are some great suggestions that might happen here! :)

Question: How do you think directional blocking would improve your experience? How do you envision using it

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In my opinion, I don't think I would see many players utilising direction block often (however, this would be untrue if there was an enemy that is necessary to block to defeat) but I can see the enemy drones making effective use of it, which would make the horizontal attack not as powerful as it is now.

Yeah. Not sure how to push it in, just saw it as possible. But I do agree that the horizonal slash needs something to counter it.