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Juice FX

Add any animation to your sprite to look more juicy! · By CodeManu

Steam key?

A topic by Piranha305 created 55 days ago Views: 201 Replies: 9
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if you purchased this on itch, will we be able to redeem it on steam?


Done, go to the download page when purchased, you should se some "request steam key" button ;)

i can't find the button ;-; ...

YOu have to go to the download page after you bought the app. Check the itchio FAQ to see how to obtain. If you get the app via giveaways (free key) the steam key is not available.


wont work when i click the verification mail ive got a nothing is here message 

After purchase in the download page of the purchase you should see a "request steam key" button.

Or what you mean?

i clicked the button then a mail comes in which wants me to push an verify button when i click it i will land on a page which reads "

We couldn't find your page" 

Check your twitter pls, so we can talk via DM to fix the problem

ok done