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Golden Treasure - Enter, and Become a Dragon

A topic by Dreaming Door created Mar 29, 2019 Views: 141
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Golden Treasure, a game about Life, Nature, and especially Dragons, has been released.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is a hand-painted open-world narrative adventure about survival as a dragon on ancient Earth. Hunt, fight, explore and discover amazing encounters and rare treasures, all while learning what it truly means to be Drak-kin.


  • Over 100 hand-painted scenes
  • Three massive open-world areas to explore
  • Thousands of choices and several completely distinct endings
  • Full combat system with 70+ opponents and dozens of special abilities
  • Earn degrees of elemental enlightenment to grow and overcome challenges
  • Original 3-phase hunting system; stalk, pursue, and destroy your prey
  • First-person labyrinths to explore, each with its own story and treasures
  • Dozens of unique artifacts and ancient secrets to discover

The free demo allows you to play through the entirety of Part 1 of the game, including hours of gameplay. Any achievements and bonuses you earn will carry over into the full game. 

So it Is, Was, and Shall Be.

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