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Golden Treasure: The Great Green

A game about the dragon within us all. Become Draak, and rejoice. · By Dreaming Door

Demo Gameplay

A topic by Cryptic Hybrid created Mar 29, 2019 Views: 104 Replies: 2
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So... I didn't plan to make a video this long, there's just so much to learn and do. Great idea having a dragon as the player's character. :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you, Christian, for your video playthrough of the tutorial.

I found your decisions in play to be quite intelligent. You would have made a fine Draak.

I do hope that you found the tutorial interesting enough that you will proceed to play the full demo.

Once again, thank you, and may you find your Treasure.


Yes, that is the plan, find my treasure, and punish the No-Tails.