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The Void will consume each parts of our universe. · By Benjamin Soulé

Voidrun in other languages

A topic by MarcusVinicius created Mar 26, 2019 Views: 384 Replies: 2
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Hi, Benjamin,

I'd like to congratulate you for the game gorgeous retro design. I can't help reminding me years I played titles like Battle City (1985) and Return Fire (1995) with my brothers. I also would like to ask if you intend to translate the game into other languages. If so, I could work on its Brazilian Portuguese localization. 

Anyway, best wishes for the game development and have a nice day,

Marcus Vinicius Santos

Translator from English and Spanish into Brazilian Portuguese


Thank you very much ! I'm still unsure about how many language I want to translate voidrun.  I will call for you if I need Brazilian Portuguese localization.

Hey, Benjamin, thanks a lot for the answer and sorry about the delay. I didn't get a notification and I only checked it now. You're welcome! The game actually brought me sweet memories, it's always nice to discover titles like yours.

Sure, feel free to contact me if you decide to bring it closer to the Brazilian gaming community. It would be a pleasure to work on it.

Have a nice week!|