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Hey, Benjamin, thanks a lot for the answer and sorry about the delay. I didn't get a notification and I only checked it now. You're welcome! The game actually brought me sweet memories, it's always nice to discover titles like yours.

Sure, feel free to contact me if you decide to bring it closer to the Brazilian gaming community. It would be a pleasure to work on it.

Have a nice week!|

Hi, Benjamin,

I'd like to congratulate you for the game gorgeous retro design. I can't help reminding me years I played titles like Battle City (1985) and Return Fire (1995) with my brothers. I also would like to ask if you intend to translate the game into other languages. If so, I could work on its Brazilian Portuguese localization. 

Anyway, best wishes for the game development and have a nice day,

Marcus Vinicius Santos

Translator from English and Spanish into Brazilian Portuguese

Hello! The game has a gorgeous design, congratulations!

As a Brazilian Portuguese professional translator, I'd like to ask you if you intend to translate it into Portuguese (BR). It would be nice to help you bringing the game closer to the local audience with my services.

Anyway, best wishes for the game release!

Don't worry about the delay. You're welcome!

And don't hesitate to message me if you decide to translate the game.

All the best!


Thanks a lot for your reply. Oh, I totally get it. Well, if you decide to do it later, feel free to get in touch, all right?

Best wishes on the game reception!

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First of all: congratulations on the game design! It sounds like a nice (and futuristic) homage to great titles like Lemmings.

I also would like to ask you if you plan to translate the game into other languages - as an independent Brazilian Portuguese translator, I could work on the PT-BR localization.

Anyway, wish you all the best luck on the game release,

Best Regards

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It reminded me of Open Veins of Latin America's epigraph: “We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity” (revolutionary proclamation of the Junta Tuitiva - La Paz, 1809).

Admirable work, congratulations!

Awesome graphics, beautiful concept.

PanGuoJun, do you plan to translate it into other languages? It would be great to work on its Brazilian Portuguese localization.

Anyway, keep on the superb work!

Hi there,

do you plan to translate the game into other languages?

As a Brazilian Portuguese translator, it would be a pleasure to work on such a cool title (I loved its dark ambiance!).

Let me know if you're interested,

Best wishes!


Congratulations on the game development. It reminded me of some classics I used to play long time ago, such as Ogre Tactics and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Listen, do you have any plans to translate the game into other languages? I have worked on Brazilian Portuguese translations. Feel free to contact me if you need it, ok?

Best wishes!

  Hi there, Rafi,

  You're welcome. I always get  happy when I find titles that have this kind of fun.

  Oh, I didn't know about the deluxe release, that's great! So, whenever you decide to spread it widely into other languages, feel free to contact me, okay? It would be great to help in the translation process.



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  Oh, that's great!

  It's a very intense feelings movie. Its atmosphere and landscapes are simply gourgeous. I hope you enjoy it :))

  You are welcome, Memory of God! I am very glad for your interest in the localization. Just get in touch when you decide to and it will be a really pleasant work to do!

  Best regards,

  Marcus Vinicius


  How are you doing, guys? I would like to congratulate all of you for the funny game you made. It makes me nostalgic, as I remembered  kind of the feeling I had the first times I played Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1993)

  The game visual and the dialogues lines are really good. So, as Portuguese translator, I thought about translating the game content into my language. 

  What do you think about localizating it? It would be nice to work on it!

  Anyway, best wishes for all the team!

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Hello, Kalen!

Congratulations for the great work! It reminded me the atmosphere of Clock Tower (SNES).

As a Portuguese translator, I would like to ask if you have any interest to bring the game into my language. It would be a pleasure to localize it! :))

Anyway, best wishes!

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First of all, I would like to congratulate you for this piece of art. As someone that has a very and personal relation with video games, I just can't explain how glad I feel to find titles like Where The Goats Are. Its pace reminded me the sensation I had when I watched Rams (2015) in theater.

As a Portuguese translator, I can't help offering to translate it into my native language. It would be great to make it closer to our culture!

What do you think about it? 

Anyway, best wishes for you and, again, congratulations for all the sensibility and beauty that your game has!

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  Hello, fellows!

  My name is Marcus Vinicius and I'm a Brazilian who studied English and Spanish.

  I'd like to join who wants to translate/localize a game to Brazilian Portuguese - whether it is in development  or concluded.

  Strong hugs!