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Blades in the Dark Survey

A topic by ErikTheBearik created Mar 22, 2019 Views: 553 Replies: 2
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Hello Folks, does anyone know if there is any survey data on people's play experiences with Blades in the Dark or it's hacks? I'm thinking about building out a survey for public consumption, but I'd rather not duplicate work if I can help it.

If no such survey exists, what sort of questions would you like to see on such a survey?


My intent is to find (or, if there isn’t one, create) a public resource for Blades in the Dark hackers to get some solid data on what kinds of games people play with the system. If I end up creating one, I’d share the raw, anonymized data publicly along with any analysis I do of it. The survey would contain a disclaimer that the anonymized data would be publicly shared and an opt-out option for respondents that don't want their data publicly shared.

If anyone feels this intent is wrong-headed or that I’m making a mistake, please let me know!


I don't know of any survey like that but I like the idea. Let me know if you'd like any help putting questions together.


Alright, first pass at the survey is complete! Please let me know if you feel anything should be added or removed. Also, if you don't mind, please share this survey far and wide so we can gather more data!

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