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ULTRA ADHD - A video game about things

A topic by DancingEngie created Oct 07, 2016 Views: 289
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ULTRA ADHD (Amazing Death and Huge Destruction) is a video game taking place in a land without name. An evil God has brought forth the END TIMES - the apocalypse. The few humans who are left alive hide behind walls, ruled with an iron fist.

An ancient prophecy tells of a legendary hero, who defeated God long ago, brought peace and prosperity to the people, and then mysteriously vanished. Will you be able to defeat the evil God and save the world?


  • A story filled with twists and characters.
  • Copious amounts of dialogue.
  • Many locations to explore.
  • A unique art style that combines 2.5D sprites with modern 3D environments and capabilities.
  • A multitude of playstyles.
  • Multiple endings.

One playthrough takes about 15-30 minutes to complete.