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Steam keys?

A topic by PashaMonster created Oct 06, 2016 Views: 520 Replies: 12
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Hey, got this game from a bundle on Groupees, how to claim the key for this game now that it has been released on Steam?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi, you will have the keys soon (in less than a week I hope). About how to get them, you will have them automatically either through your groupees account or throught I am talking with groupees about the best way to to that.

I will inform you when they are ready.


Hi, for the people that bought the game through the Groupees bundle, you should have the Steam key available at your groupees profile. I think that Groupees will inform you about this by email as well.

For the people that bought the game directly on, the keys will be available in a few hours. I will inform you.



Ok, for everyone that bought the game through, the Steam keys should be available to you now.


The key is not available for me yet

Got a mail, but no key.

Same here

No key on groupees.


I see on my groupees: "1661 Steam codes uploaded, 1637 of them are taken now."

Now you have them?

Yup! Thx for Steam Key.

Yes, thanks a lot! :)

Got my key through Groupees. Thanks so much. <3

Thanks for the info, got my key for Steam. ^_^