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Hi Cypher. For the Spectrum the common format is the .tap or .tzx format, that is, the tape format, but for the Amstrad the common format is .dsk. To provide a tape format like .cdt for the Amstrad version I have to investigate on how to do it and now I am very very busy. Maybe some day :)

  • Game also released at Google Play Store for Android!
  • Added BEGINNER difficulty mode and a hi-score table for this.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese, German and Russian translations.
  • Added volume option to the menu.
  • Removed the 'Stargate' symbols from portals by default. They can be reactivated by writing 'stargate' at the main menu.
  • Added command line --filter and --scale options (see README file, section 11, Command line arguments).

Fixed strange pixels that show on the borders, probably happening only when linear filtering is on on Windows.

I see on my groupees: "1661 Steam codes uploaded, 1637 of them are taken now."

Now you have them?

Ok, for everyone that bought the game through, the Steam keys should be available to you now.


Hi, for the people that bought the game through the Groupees bundle, you should have the Steam key available at your groupees profile. I think that Groupees will inform you about this by email as well.

For the people that bought the game directly on, the keys will be available in a few hours. I will inform you.


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Hi, you will have the keys soon (in less than a week I hope). About how to get them, you will have them automatically either through your groupees account or throught I am talking with groupees about the best way to to that.

I will inform you when they are ready.

  • Added the guide to modify the game in the complete game package (not in the demo version): MODIFY.html .
  • Added the license and attribution required by libxmp-lite in the license.
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I added a link to a WIP guide on how to modify the game: create new levels or modify the existing ones. Read it here.

In future releases it will be included with the full version of the game.

The game now comes with gamecontrollerdb.txt, a file with default mappings for joysticks and game controllers. The game loads it at start so there should be better support for joysticks not previously recognized.

There is a better launch script for GNU/Linux. Now you can use this options if needed:

  • --help to show the list of options;
  • --use-my-sdl to load the SDL library installed on your system instead of the bundled one;
  • --m32 or --m64 to launch the 32-bits or 64-bits binary directly without letting the script select one depending on your system.

The script now uses LD_PRELOAD instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

And a bug fix: disconnecting a gamepad while playing could cause infinite loop.