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Thanks for the info, got my key for Steam. ^_^

Hey, got this game from a bundle on Groupees, how to claim the key for this game now that it has been released on Steam?

Where to get Steam key?

Man when are the keys coming? 231 days and no friggin keys. I feel like is one big pile of crap where all developers lie just to get free Greenlight votes. -_-

Where are they, you just fished for the free Greenlight votes, didn't you?

And how do you get one from here? I havent still got any steam keys from Im starting to think this whole website is a big scam on just to get free votes on Greenlight from people. -_-

Voted yes, but will the keys be given for the users or is this going to be one of those "free game, but no steam key"- scams?

Voted yes, where can I find the steam key?

I think never, they don't want to give them apparently :D