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Infinity Wings - Scout & Grunt

The game is a Space Shooter. Players drive one of two spaceships and must overcome various hazards and enemies. · By XiNFiNiTY Games

When are steam keys coming?

A topic by PashaMonster created Feb 05, 2016 Views: 643 Replies: 5
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And how do you get one from here? I havent still got any steam keys from Im starting to think this whole website is a big scam on just to get free votes on Greenlight from people. -_-

(5 edits) is just a bad site ,it needs someone who knows what they're doing to overhall the whole site.

and yes some scummy devs do use it to promote a game and then give you the finger when it gets on steam.

Arseholes are always ragging on Digital Homicide but they post the steam keys for their games when they hit the steam store.

But if you bought it through Otakumaker site you will get a key from otakumaker in your email

Hello! I have this game here, on How can I get steam key? Thank you!

I am not sure I ever got a steam key from any :(

I have game here on how can I get steam key?

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