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#notGDC - Slipstream, a 2D arcade racer (with 25% off)

A topic by ansdor created Mar 18, 2019 Views: 152 Replies: 1
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I will not be at GDC for lots of reasons, it's hard and expensive to travel from Brazil to the US, I didn't plan it in time, but here's my game, Slipstream

It was funded on kickstarter in 2016 and after two painful years of struggle, my team consisting of 2 people, me and the music guy, managed to release it. A few months later it got a big update with local multiplayer, new game modes, bugfixes and balances.

It's a pseudo3D arcade racer with drifting mechanics, inspired mostly by outrun, sonic the hedgehog, initial D and vaporwave. Here's the release trailer:

Slipstream page


Official Website

PS: Thanks a lot to for being the most developer-friendly game store out there, with the best developer tools I've ever used in any site. You guys are awesome, keep it up!


I really love this game's graphics. Nice work! I've added to the Not seen at GDC collection on rotation on the homepage. Thanks for posting.

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