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​Professional advertising - should one try his luck with this?

A topic by DireBoarGames created 34 days ago Views: 19
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Hello, I am in the process of development, and looking for all possible ways to promote my game . I already have website, and try to post information about my game here on, on twitter, on facebook and the like. My game is also on early access on Steam, and I participate in all season discounts.

However, I have a feeling that it's not enough. I plan to to make the final version in a time range of between half-year and a year, and think all the time what's better - to increase marketing efforts already now, or to wait, until the game is almost ready and start a short time before release.

Also, I checked the advertisement links on IndieDB and Rock Paper Shotgun sites. They work with same advertising person\company. They do want a large (for solo) sum for their work, but they seem to work with all major gaming sites.  As I understand, their minimum fee is about 1,250$. However, I can't be sure that their work will really be good for me.

So, to summarize, if you have experience, please answer those three questions:

1) Is it a good idea to hire a professional advertiser, if you are an indie, only having money from regular job salary? 2) Has anyone worked with IndieDB \ Rock Paper Shotgun advertisers? Are they good with their job? 3) Considering the answer for above questions is "yes", is it a good idea to start large marketing campaign in half-year before the final release?