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Basic 3D modeller wanted - Adaptor - Program robots to fight each other

A topic by devblazer created Oct 05, 2016 Views: 526 Replies: 2
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I am building a game called Adaptor (name may change). The idea is to use 'templates' (layouts of oddly shaped hexagonal grids) to create a 'circuit' (a program) using 'adaptors' (hexagonal building blocks with inputs and outputs that each do something specific).

You then take a few of these ''programmed' templates into battle on an arena. When in battle you can 'fabricate' instances of these 'templates' resulting in on the spot construction of robots with your 'templates' program. Your bots will fight enemy bots, the goal being to wipe out your enemies. There will be a kind of open world level selector that will have a mix of pve, pvp and even pvp team match levels.

Each template has a specific hex grid layout for placing adaptors on it and built in power supply adaptors (power is required for all adaptors to work). As you progress you will find/craft additional templates and rarer adaptors.

Adaptors range from things as simply as the 'random movement adaptor' and 'turn to face closest enemy adaptor' to things as complex as 'logic gate adaptors' and signaling and combatant identification.

There will be hundreds of different adaptor types, as they make the game interesting and are not that much work to create on top of the code base I've already built for them.


I need a 3d modeler to create models for different 'bots' and levels and other elements. I was thinking of simply shapes and colors, with little to no textures as the look and feel. This will also limit the amount of work needed, since we will be a small team.


The game will be a freemium model, the exact monetisation methods will be decided later on. I offer an even split of all profits, for now there will be just me and you. I am hoping to self produce or purchase any other assets that may be required like music and sound effects, but there is always the possibility that this wont pan out and we have to bring more people on.


I have been programming with countless languages for 20 years, 10 years of which in a professional capacity. My current job is as a 'Senior Javascript Engineer' at a cutting edge international affiliate marketing company.
I am also no stranger to game development or client server architectures, real time communication, scaling, etc.

You can see some of my work in this tech demo: DIGGER VR (browser based minecraft clone with gamepad and vr support)
If you load it up on a pc you will see a minecraft ish clone (awsd, space for jump and lmb to dig).
If you load it up on an android phone you will need a bluetooth gamepad and a google cardboard and then you can experience the same thing in vr.
Please note:
- this is a tech demo and only supports chrome browser on windows or android (will not work on mac/iphone)
- when you load it up it will remain black for a few minutes while it generates the world


The work I've done so far is a lot of the core architecture for the bot execution/generation, adaptor programing and execution systems with a number of test adaptors constructed.
The platform in use is web browser with webgl to reach all devices and operating systems without too much costly development foreach platform.


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Not exactly reaching out to help - but I did create a free Hex tiles asset pack that you might find helpful for your game development minecraft man 

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