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[Design] Looking to settle a design discussion

A topic by keyboardkommander created Oct 04, 2016 Views: 193 Replies: 1
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I'm currently trying to settle a design dispute on one of my projects. The game is Monstinder which is a simple creature matching game. The game features a variety of creatures and we're not sure if we should add more or if we should add other mechanics.

For each creature added the game difficulty becomes exponentially harder as the player is required to remember the relations between each creature type. The interests would be represented by small token sprites that appear on top of the polaroids of the creatures.

One additional mechanic we are considering adding is interests. The idea being that each creature will have different interests and hobbies. If those interests align the creatures will be more likely to be a good match.

What I need to know for people who play my game more than 15 minutes:

1. How far did you get.

2. How much difficulty did you have keeping track of all the different creatures and how they relae.

3. Do you recommend we add more creature types.

4. Do you recommend we add interests to the game or keep the simple mechanics.

The build of the game can be found here:

Thanks for your help everyone!


1. 5 levels

2. A reasonable amount of difficulty

3. No. I think the simplicity of the game makes me more likely to play it to kill time.

4.No. I would keep it simple.