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Lost Stuff (A game of Lost Stuff)

A topic by Nadia created Oct 04, 2016 Views: 1,369 Replies: 9
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Hello! :D And thanks for stopping by!

I'm a game designer working and living in Barcelona, and Lost Stuff is the first game I'm making ALL on my own.

I've always loved learning new things, but learning new things throughout practice, so I decided to craft this small game to learn to use Construct 2.

However, it's not going to be just placeholder assets and a generic storyline. I want something I can be proud of!

WTH is this game? And: is it even a game?

Good question! This is a so-called Hidden Object game, with cut scenes at the beginning and end of each gameplay or layout.

Since the scope of this project is quite reduced, I decided to make something that at last was perceived as refreshing in some way. That's why I'm trying to play a little bit with the concept of Hidden Object games itself, all mixed up with humble doses of surrealism, because… just because I love humble doses of surrealism!

Progress so far?

By now I've assembled together an acceptably nice game flow consisting on a main screen + intro cutscene + gameplay + transition to next cutscene. The whole storyline consists on 4 gameplay layouts + cutscenes + a final cutscene where this little pointless game unravels. So I just need to kind of duplicate the layouts I already did for the first chapter, and fill them with lots of art.

I want something from you :D

And god, did I made things! Never realized until having to put everything together here. So this was already useful; you already helped me out.

I don't have anything playable yet, but please, post your comments on the art, the premise, or just say you are there reading me and I'm not all alone in this ungrateful but at the same time addictive world of indie game development.


Some Arty things!

Layouts and UI so far

Concept art or whatever

For the splash screen

For the cut scenes

.... and by the way, I'm doing the sounds with my vocals, even though I don't know where this will end up...

... and that's all I have so far...

... and also, you can follow me on Twitter to get news about this and other projects>>

... and I'll keep on updating this thread.

And thank you so much! :D


I do like the art treatment a lot - looking forward to new updates



Thanks a lot for the comment! Helps more than you think! :D

I really enjoy the art style as well! I look forward to the development! :)

A tiny little update of the new art I've been doing for the cutscenes and for one layout of gameplay.

Playing around with Construct 2:

This is being a great practice for me to learn the basics of Construct 2 and play around with simple variables, transitions, animations and sounds. So far I've been doing things in a more intuitive way, but on my next project I hope I can go deeper with more complex but efficient organization routines, as families, customized variables, etc.

I'll also try to mess around with other genres different than hidden object (but always with story).

Anyway, next time I'm planning to do is exporting just one level as an executable file so that you can try it out.

Thanks for reading! :O

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Hello, thanks for stopping by! And Merry Christmas to everyone! :D

I'm just taking advantage of the holidays to finish this tiny little hidden object/interactive story/game/experiment I'm building with Construct 2.

Later progress

The thingy is mostly finished! After having setted up the cutscenes and the gameplay layouts, I've been doing more functional setting lately:

  • Setting up a saving and loading game system!
  • Creating a couple of screens for Options.
  • Making the Menu screen fancier. I even added a list of links to the unlocked chapters.
  • Adding sounds! Almost all the SFX are home-made. I used my harmonica to play many of them.
  • Making sure all that makes sense, and variables don't interfere with each other and create bugs or unexpected flows.

The way I'm working is doing everything from scratch, trying to solve problems as they come, so that I force myself to learn how everything works with Construct 2. At the end of the day, this small project was just an excuse to learn to use this engine!

Just try it! (If you want)

Thanks for reading, and if you want to be gifted with the incredible privilege of testing the game (it's actually more a short interactive fiction piece, you'll finish it in about 30 minutes), don't be shy, and leave a message over here!

If you are not totally convinced yet (which I couldn't imagine why), here I leave you with some unbearably intriguing and amazing pieces of the game:

And finally... why not? Many of the UI elements of the game, so that you can get an idea of what it will look like!

What's left?

I still need to create and add some sounds, add some particles to highlight interactions and level completes, and then... playing and replaying it until I'm sure the thing doesn't fall apart while other people play it.

Will come back soon, thanks a lot for reading, and don't hesitate to drop your comments. I appreciate them very much! :-D

I like the art style ! :)

I would be interested in testing your game. Does it work on mac ?

Sure! The game will be hosted on my server, on html5 format, so you won't have problems trying it out on your Mac.

I'll contact you on a week max to send you a link to the beta. Thanks for the support! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Cool thanks !

Sorry for the late reply. Because of Christmas, I forgot about this post ! ;)

Happy new year !

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It's been a long time since I started working on this little thing, and today is the day I can say with confidence that it's solid enough so as to bring it to the world!

I'm soft launching Lost Stuff here to identify possible bugs, plot holes or any other thing my utterly biased sensibility might have overlooked. 

The experience lasts about 5 minutes and you can play it straight away on my web page:

Keep the feedback coming to this thread or send me a private message! Thanks!  (◠‿◠✿)

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