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Just wanted to share a track i made recently, feedback welcome

A topic by Scotty-Two Socks created Mar 15, 2019 Views: 213 Replies: 4
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If anyone has some music they're looking for some feedback on, i'll gladly listen

It's cool but kinda odd, i don't really understand what i am listenning to, i don't understand if it's a 3/4 or 4/4

It's in 4/4 but kind of has a waltz like rhythm

It helps if you subdivide it, one-and-two-and-three-and-four. The trick is that the backing is playing on "and-two, and-four" giving a waltz feel underneath a 4/4 meter.  

Sounds good! If anything, the instrument playing on "and-two, and-four" sounds static when layered in the climax of the song. Could just be the sample used.

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