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A topic by KeZzaX created Oct 03, 2016 Views: 632 Replies: 18
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Hi, I found a (little) bug in this game. When you are in the uprade menu and you select an ability you can move after that and get out of the screen :D

It's not annoying. I just wanna notice it :p

Otherwise the game is really fun to play and very addictive !


That one is definitely high on the list already. Showed up the first time anyone made a gameplay video! :)

Heberger image

Another bug. Dunno what happen :D I hope the screen will help you !


yes, I've gotten related bug reports around dropping weapons screwing things up.

Right now it's possible to have your left arm cut off but live. It drops the bow if you have it equipped, but there are a bunch of edge cases around it that slipped past me. Due to the severity of the issue (actual crash) it's high on the list of bugs.

oh btw, if you find another bug a new topic is helpful!
That way other players it happened to can easily spot it and add details to the thread!

Thanks! :)


Oh yeah i just post it right here but yes in the future i will post in a new topic. If you need any help on patching bugs i might help you to fix them :D

Noted! Will let you know. :)

well. im just so sad because i bought it and it says missing in data folder!!!!!

Try reinstalling it!

If it doesn't work, try using the app:

thanks! :D it worked

and something i noticed. it is not endless mode on my game D:

Hi, what is about this error, it is anything wrong with the game?

When I first open it, It crash at the doborog logo, then I wait for a while, the games doesn't load and it show when you escape and it say something about json on java?

NullReferenceExpection? is the link to the screen. Thanks!

oh no! Looks like you've got a case of data corruption. Send me an email at erik (at) doborog .dot. com and we'll fix it!

Small bug with the bow, switching the direction of the arrow (horizontal or vertical) doesn't actually work right now. Not a big deal, but it would make the bow a bit more useful for cutting off limbs


Hold the right mouse button down, and then let go ;)

i got a good one on endless mode - if you are hurt (as in you lost a leg or your left arm) and win a round switching to the main menu and going back to endless mode 1. puts you back at the upgrade thing and 2. completely fixes your robot.


A few people have pointed that out. It's logged on Asana for now. Thanks for the report!