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64x64 Pixel Art: Grotesque Surreal Creature 7 - (Looking For Feedback)

A topic by Cocco created Mar 13, 2019 Views: 798 Replies: 4
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Neat, very dull, makes me think of Blasphemous

Thank you for the honest critisism, I also think it lacks an interesting aspect. I dont actually know the game, is it horror-themed?

Its not bad having a dull atmosphere in a game, blasphemous goes pretty well in that kind of art style, it's inspired by the dark souls games visuals, look it up it looks great

I like it.  The eye coloring and shading is pretty nice and I like the pixelated graphics. I'd love to see what it looks like animated. The only thing I'd add is a llittle bit of darker lining on the underneath. To give some pop and separate him from the background. It's a cool design.

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