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NSFW content is allowed in game submissions according to rules. You can review them here:

However, NSFW content is not allowed in the Discord server.

 pixel graphics are part of the jam :)

Sorry for the late reply! Did you find the Yume Nikki statue?

I've also updated the walkthrough here on how to get the secret third ending:

Here are my tips:

Feel free to get as weird as you like, that's part of the indie horror genre.

Do research into horror and psychology. Jump scares have their place, but not every scare should be a jump scare.

Think like a writer, game designer, and a player.

Head over to the Discord if you'd like to chat more about it, there's lots of people who could give their own tips as well!

Wow the artwork was super refreshing, the hand-drawn style is always awesome to play in. and the lore, man I want more!! Love the characters and the world, what a fun concept!

Hi Khorror7, don't forget to ask around in the discord server too, that's where most people find their teams!

And it's okay you didn't get the story, it's very vague on purpose. You would probably have to play Burden 1 and then Burden 2 really close together to get all of the references :)

oh! I'm just now seeing this thanks for sharing and playing, I love seeing playthroughs of my games!

Love those graphics and sounds the 3D environment is really fun and smooth to move around in too!

Solid game with fun puzzles and characters. I especially enjoyed the layers of the mysterious plot and the lighting details!

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Love the custom art and spooky story! Great sounds and art with fun characters and puzzles!

Love the art and the story, I liked the controls and the gameplay actually was kind of difficult, which is nice you have to earn the story. Solid stuff especially for such a short game jam

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Pixel style graphics are typical for the themes of this jam, but if your project is using 3D assets etc feel free to join anyway!

The Discord Server link has been updated in the Jam description. Feel free to join and chat!

Looking forward to seeing what you create! If you haven't already don't forget to joint he discord people will be sharing progress as they go on there :)

A lot of the popular ones are on this list and I can confirm at least half of them being great, so that gives a good chance the whole list is a good find. I've heard great things about LISA and Corpse Party. Misao is also popular and made by the same person who made Mad Father.

The one's I'd recommend the most are, aside from the one's mentioned in the jam description, are Ao Oni just to try it out since it's one of the very first. I didn't like the gameplay much but it is a classic of the genre. One of my favorite things to do as well is to find free horror rpg games on itch and try them out. The Scream Horror Jam had a lot of good one's this time around. Not all made with RPG Maker but still the same genre and some have the same style.

Happy Gaming!

Love the aesthetic and the art! The gameplay is fun too and the lack of dialogue makes it more otherworldly. I couldn't get past the timed part though it was super hard but appreciated

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Yes, you should already be able to upload an update :) (if not let me know and I'll look into it)

 I'll be streaming submitted games from the second month this weekend so if you get the update, it may be tonight, tomorrow, or monday depending on the votes in the discord announcement) but yup updates are allowed but if you want your game streamed on discord I'd suggest trying to upload it by tonight.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing :)

haha glad you got a small spook with that shriek! And glad you liked the little game :) thanks for your comment and thanks for playing 

Hey HawkZombie! Great to see you have a game jam series running! I missed it this year but I'll be sure to keep an eye out for next time.

Thanks :) 

It is made in RPG Maker with most of my own assets. It’s so large because the feature with the program that removes unused files doesn’t work right, it takes out used files and makes the game unplayable,  and I didn’t have time to go through everything by hand 

Thanks for featuring my game!

Thanks so much

Thank you

Thanks so much for playing and sharing your video!


I'm in love with the art and paper style graphics! The map transitions with the book closing were cool, I would have loved some sounds to go with the pretty art and lighting(not sure if that's a bug or you didn't include sound). Cute characters and style, this has potential to be an even bigger game if you wanted to expand it, nice work 

Wow that was a blast I didn't think I'd win and the intensity went up as time went on. Totally appreciated the art and the atmosphere.

I love when titles tie into the game at the end </3 <3 

You can use them :) Those are free to use and provided in the program when you buy it. There are also lots of free RTP edits in the forums, as long as you credit your resources for the edits you'll be fine there!

The jam will be extended one month through October so you can work on your spooky games up until Halloween happens.

The discord will feature a chat for games that were finished in the first month for those who put in that time as well as a chat for second month submissions. Happy RPG Horror celebrating enjoy the extra time.

I'm working on a project that I started earlier this year and wouldn't mind a composer joining for some more original sounds!  Here's my project, trying to get an update for this jam: My Discord is VitaliaDi#7272 if you're interested,  I'll shoot you  a message!

As long as you use pixel style graphics it can be 2D or 3D. I have seen some games use 3D assets with a retro pixel style so it’s doable. There’s a lot of room for creativity, typically these games are 2D but if you can get the atmosphere down with 3D graphics in a pixel style go for it! That would be super unique :)

You’re welcome to join as a Lurker!

Lots of artists hanging out in the Discord chat too if you want to post this in the Team Up channel! 

Thanks for playing and posting! I love seeing LPs! I'll keep you updated on when the finished game comes out :)