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Slay, chop and stab until your name is remembered in the Pantheon of Gladiators! 路 By Whales And Games, MoskiDraws, JorgeGameDev, Robinaite

Feedback Thread Sticky

A topic by Whales And Games created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 1,957 Replies: 3
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Developer (1 edit)

Thanks a lot for playing Colossorama! We would love some of your feedback on what you though about the game and what you believe we can improve on the game. If you also got ideas for new features or content, we are also eager to listen to what you got in mind!

Thanks a lot!


Hi! you want feed back? why not do challenges like a sword only challenge or a mace only challenge (where it only gives you that type of weapon) and if you are going to do that you need more weapons :) could you call one the A sword (if you want of course)

Developer (1 edit)

It seems the All-Stars Update we just pushed fits specifically what you were looking for then! We have just pushed it, and one of the main additions we've made is the addition of 10 brand new game modes, each with different rules, weapon/item pools and even wackier modifiers! Some of them are more relaxed, while others are a bit more challenging. For example, one of the new modes, Berserk, is a axes-only game mode, where you play with half the health you normally have while enemies get to have the double.

If you get to try the new version and any of the new game modes, tell us which one you liked the most. 馃槈


One idea: for each enemy that you kill you give you a coin and then buy permanent power-ups as extra health