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I have chickens and lizards and I can confirm that this is how chickens get eggs

Make the UFOs suck up mines and they will explode

I crashed it by keeping it open for too long.

I got the same bug.

Hook the ninja on the right and fall through the pit, then pull to the ninja and if you do it right you'll get to the end.

Why not? It seems that power nodes would be very useful on Erekir.

I don't understand either, but now power lasers are in the bleeding edge version.

The item list says a gold earring but when I use look earring it says "A small silver teardrop earring"

(2 edits)
  • Stick + rock = axe (chops trees)
  • Axe + rock = pickaxe (breaks gray rocks and boulders)
  • Rock + fire = glowing rock
  • Glowing rock + stick = torch (damages nearby enemies)
  • Glowing rock + pickaxe = Glowing pickaxe
  • Amethyst(?) ore + fire = Amethyst
  • Amethyst + stick/pickaxe/Glowing pickaxe = Amethyst pick+axe
  • Coal + stick = torch

My game froze after getting killed by the First Shade about 5-7 times.

I think there should be a button to rotate the items to make this more touchscreen compatible

I think I was wrong about that though

Now after testing again it seems I was wrong

Actually it's from skipping the narrator

Skipping his text causes that. I even tried it!

How do you get more cat coins and does the cat card(from the random option in the shop) give a different cat depending on which square you click on?

Also, the enemies in woof mode can get knocked back and then bite the dog.

A health potion or something like that would also be nice.

Maybe by increasing the health of the dog?

Could you maybe make the woof mode easier? My character keeps dying at around round 3.