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Drain is disabled, but comes on anyway for Network Opponents but not Host

A topic by Rich10000 created Mar 12, 2019 Views: 129 Replies: 3
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I am playing a network game, Standard Game, Exploration On, Continued Production Reduction is unchecked. I am the human host, with two Human Network opponents.  When the game starts, the two opponents both have the green 11 in upper right corner, which, when they hover says drain. I, the host, do not have the green button in upper right.   If we switch hosts, the two people that join always have the green drain, and host does not.  How do we turn that off for everyone?


This is most likely just a visual bug. I will confirm that and then should be able to find the issue.

Thank you for the Speedy Reply!  I had ordered 3 copies, and we all finally downloaded and started playing, and hit that DRAIN thing right away.  Good to know it should be innocuous.   The Green number was counting down as the army size progressed like it was about to kick in with a real penalty, so please let us know if you confirm its just a visual bug or a real issue.  Thanks.


Ok, I ran this test:  Standard game set with continue reduction unchecked in the standard rules , no advanced rules. Network play.

Start the game, and as you have said, the non-server player does see the green 11 as the drain indicator.  I did a rules check on both sides, and the rules are correctly set (NO DRAIN CHECKED). 

When I begin to play, on the non-server players turn, the drain indicator does in fact disappear and is never seen again - so it is an initialization thing. Drain will not have an impact on this configuration. So it is a visual bug.

Thanks for the heads up.