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Pixel Platformer Asset Pack

A collection of platformer assets and animations to get any game developer up and runnning · By Moose Stache

License Permissions?

A topic by StarvingIndyDeveloper created 98 days ago Views: 82 Replies: 2
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Unless I'm missing it, I don't seem to see any information regarding liscense permissions for this asset? Are you free to use these assets for both commercial and personal projects as long as you're not redistributing the art as an asset of some sort?

I'm really interested in this set, but I would need to know what the 'rules' are so to speak.


Okay, after searching around I did see you post "Yes all my assets are free to use anyway you'd like credit is appreciated but not necessary" on another one of your assets, so maybe I found my answer.

Confirmation for this asset would be great though. I really love your art style, I'll probably end up picking up a few of your packs.


Sorry I didn’t get back sooner all my assets are free to use anyway that you would like nad your right I need to add this to my assets page will update now