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Yeah, it's not happening . Either make one yourself or use a different asset.

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I get what you're saying but what I'm asking for is very close to standard practice for most engines that use pixel art and is just generally the easiest way to work with this kind of art while maintaining proper alignment when switching between different animations and maintaining the artist's original intent. Almost every single "pixel art" asset on this website does it in the way I'm asking for. So it's not really out of the ordinary.

You surely know what an "animated flip book" is correct? That's what I want in digital form basically. It's by far the easiest way use pixel art in GameMaker Studio or Godot.

Yes, you can sort of accomplish this by using Photoshop but it's a giant pain in the ass and your animations could still be off slightly (I'm not the original artist!).

Asking for the animations in a form that maintains alignment (i.e. has a proper anchor point, in other words, the corner of the image!) is not a big ask given that it's been 3 years since this thing was released.

Moot point given that I've moved on  but if you ever do fix my issue I'll update my review accordingly...

Pretty nice overall. Wish it had a "roll" animation though.

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Yeah, that's not really going to solve the issue I'm talking about.

I would like for the creator to release each animation as animated GIFs that have the same image size or as a strip or even individual frames, as long as they're the same "image size". Making it 100x easier to import to your game engine of choice.

This would literally take ~20 minutes for him to do it.

Yes, I can do this to some degree but I want them perfectly lined up and I really shouldn't have to for a purchased product when most people on Itch do this with their assets.

Take Celeste for example, the vast majority of the animations have a 32 x 32 image size.

He probably won't do it given there has been very little movement here outside of a palette swap within the 2 years since I made this purchase.

What canvas size do you recommend? All of the animations seem to be in different image sizes and so it's a little difficult to line them up without a specific anchor point (most packs will use the same canvas size so it's easy to keep them lined up / easier to import into a game engine). Of course I can "eye ball it" but it would be very nice to have a variant where they're the same image size / anchored properly.

I like this pack, however, I really wish there was an alternative "jump" animation. This one is great looking if the character is shooting directly upward, but looks odd when moving horizontally (like it has no forward momentum). 

Perhaps there's a way to combine / modify what's here to get what I'm looking for.

Pretty awesome overall.

The jump "launch" leaves a little to be desired.

Any chance of a paid "expansion" pack with additional weapons or edge case animations? Or maybe even a walk animation.

Very cool. I'll be picking up some of your other packs.

Thanks for the reply.

It's not a big deal really I guess as I don't need the rotational effects when using sprites anyway. I was just kind of curious if you knew what the cause was cause I found the behavior to be a little odd.

I guess from personal experience I'm not the biggest fan of combining so much into a single script. However, it seems to somewhat common in platformers.

So, I wanted to change how input worked as I felt that passing input to the motion function was too difficult to manage if needed to make changes (e.g. add new inputs).

Basically, I wanted to use instance variables. However, the rotation effects seem to break when utilizing ladders. Do you have any idea on why this is happening? 

I had a few other questions I wanted to ask but didn't want to flood your community thread. Is it possible to e-mail you?

Thanks for your time!

Very cool.

Two minor things: the sword doesn't move on the forward and back walking animations. The side roll looks like it's missing a frame maybe? That could just be me though.

Keep it up!

Cool, appreciate the reply. I thought I was going crazy for a second, lol

I had a question regarding whether or not this was intended behavior? It seems as if the player collision mask overlaps the wall objects?

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I think this is my favorite "small pixel art character" platformer asset on the entire platform.

If you do consider making additional sprites, feel free to make it a purchasable add-on pack if that's what's required -- I'd gladly pay.

I have a lot of ideas for potential sprites, which I'm sure plenty of others do as well.

- a "turn around" sprite (looks awesome compared to flipping it on the x axis)

- hurt / hit animations when grounded and in the air

- a "knocked down" animation or even a single sprite

- climb ledge

- ladder / wall climb

- bow , magic or projectile shooting

- melee attack upward and downward

I can dream =)

Any chance we could get a "turn around" animation? That would be awesome as it immensely helps with "game feel" versus just flipping the sprite on the x axis. Thanks!

Is this compatible with GameMaker Studio 2.3 ? Or is this project dead?


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Sorry if this information is obvious somewhere here but how many directions do the characters move? Are there "back" animations or just side and front-facing type animations?

Are all of the character animations from the side view only? I assume that this is the case but just wanted to check.

I love this. Wish there were just a few more "typical" animations for a platformer character though.

Is this easily compatible with your True State asset? Thanks!

This is pretty awesome. I hope you make additional packs / more art in the same style!

I really like your style... however, I'd probably need a few more animations to make it usable for a project.

So, how many facing directions are there?

Good work so far!

Are there any plans for an update? Thanks!

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I'm just a big fan of documentation. It's particularly helpful if I don't work on the project for a while and come back wondering what the heck I was doing. Even a class diagram or something of the sort would be nice. It's okay, I'll just make some documentation of my own.

I'll definitely have some questions when I get knee deep into my project in the coming weeks as I did notice a few little bugs here and there.


Thanks for the updated preview. 

My initial thoughts after just purchasing:

Overall, I really like it -- I'm looking forward to seeing where this asset pack goes in the future. The "guide" images are very useful, I wish more asset packs did this. Also, having a few different colors to choose from is a great touch.

I would really like to see a run animation (or other animations in general) without the sword and shield in hand. For the game prototype I'm working on the player character doesn't always have a weapon equipped. I could probably do this myself with my mediocre pixel skills but without the source files (i.e. layers) it makes it a bit more difficult.

I'd absolutely love a "run" animation with the characters main hand pointed towards his back so I can easily swap out different weapons. I'm terrible at explaining this, so here's an example of what I mean (

Sorry for writing  a storybook here but I'll just throw in my animation "wish" list for potential future inspiration.

  • equipment-less animations
  • dodge roll
  • ledge grab / climb ledge
  • directional melee attacks (up, down)
  • dash

Thanks for your work.

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Is there a design document or other documentation available?

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Is there a preview of the run animation? That's usually the deal-breaker for me with a lot of these asset packs.

Pretty awesome overall though. If you ever decide to add a wall slide and a "dodge roll" animation this will be an instant buy for me (or if you add said animations into an separate purchasable pack or whatever).

I've looked around for great asset packs for quite some time and this is easily one of the best ones I've seen thus far.

If you were to to add any player animations in the future, definitely consider a "dodge-roll" or something of the sort -- that'd be just perfect!

Okay, after searching around I did see you post "Yes all my assets are free to use anyway you'd like credit is appreciated but not necessary" on another one of your assets, so maybe I found my answer.

Confirmation for this asset would be great though. I really love your art style, I'll probably end up picking up a few of your packs.

Unless I'm missing it, I don't seem to see any information regarding liscense permissions for this asset? Are you free to use these assets for both commercial and personal projects as long as you're not redistributing the art as an asset of some sort?

I'm really interested in this set, but I would need to know what the 'rules' are so to speak.