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MeshSkinner (for Unity 3D)

Make SkinnedMeshRenderer components in Unity games during runtime. · By Winterdust

MeshSkinner Support Sticky

A topic by Winterdust created Sep 27, 2016 Views: 355 Replies: 7
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If you're having any trouble please feel free to post about it here and I'll help out.

Would you consider offering a pro version at some point that included source, or an engine augnasic version?


Sorry for the late reply, at the moment no such thing is on the horizon.

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I am trying to get my Humanoid character to use Mesh Skinner, There seems to be an issue in my heirarchy as the bones array is out of range..  I am not sure what I have done Incorrectly. The Skeleton layout is there my skin model is inside  LP_Female/ZbrushModelMesh3D and then I added all my clothing to Mesh Objects.. Note prior to the screen shot everything was separated. -Levon

Figured it out now I just need to see how to relax some of the weights

Hello, i get the same error : indexoutofrangeexception: array index is out of range. can you share please how to solve it?

Any help on error : indexoutofrangeexception: array index is out of range?


It's a little vague, I don't know where that error could have appeared.