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Walaber's Pro Gymnast

Challenging & Addictive physics-based Acrobatics! · By Walaber Entertainment

Some tricks I did today!

A topic by GDKanine created Mar 09, 2019 Views: 111 Replies: 6
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So yeah, started playing this game only today (had to buy a controller to play it lol) and these are some releases  I did!

Is there gonna be a way to get infinite time? Cause sometimes it is annoying to have to reset when the time runs out. I set it to 5 minutes now but it still is kinda annoying. Apart from that, I'm in love with the game :D

EDIT: I think a discord would help this community immensely, will there be one in the future.


amazing skills for only playing 1 day!  I agree, a discord server for the game is a good idea.  I'll look into getting one set up.

My best 

it's realy realy funny !

Walaber, are you okay with me making a trick compilation on this game to share to the public? I have a small youtube channel of 200+ subs where I can maybe get some more people to the game or maybe the discord server in the future?


Absolutely! Everyone should feel free to post videos from the alpha wherever they want.


I've created a discord server now, here's an invite link:

Here's another trick compilation: