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Juice FX

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Juice fx 1.0.2 Layers have a color hue?

A topic by CorgiBits created Mar 09, 2019 Views: 67 Replies: 3
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New sprites loaded in have a default blue hue to them? Cant seem to change it either.

Just tested this with swapping the first layer also. As soon as the sprite is loaded in, a blue hue is applied to it. This isnt the palette function or anything either!



I can't reproduce this issue (or I can't see it) could you please send me some screenshots or video footage of this issue?

Just realized the issue. I had saved previous sprites as a gif! when you load a gif sprite into it it adds a blue hue color to it. Just tested it there with both a png and a gif with multiple sprites and all the gif sprites (even if they're single frame) turn blue when loaded in!