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Juice FX

Add any animation to your sprite to look more juicy! · By CodeManu


A topic by Kornalius created 80 days ago Views: 187 Replies: 8
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Any plans to bring this wonderful tool to the mac?

Not planed. Maybe you should try using some of the tricks to run win apps on mac, like wrap with wineHQ ,etc...

It would be really nice to have it running on macOS without Wine

No plans for OSX or LInux sorry.

Ok thanks, that's what I was planning to do anyway in the meantime. :)

Hi, I can confirm that it works on Mac (10.13) using Wine, the fan starts going wild and the computer burns like the demon fires of hell, but it works so that's the main thing. 


Maybe because it runs with the integrated GPU instead the main one?.

Can you post the steps or the tutorial to run in Mac?

Yes, I made a new post with instructions and screenshots, thanks for the amazing software. Also just purchased one of the Giveaways & Private content!! Very exciting!

On Linux, the easier route is to redeem the Steam code and use Proton on Steam, for zero config launch.