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Juice FX

Add any animation to your sprite to look more juicy! · By CodeManu

Steam plans?

A topic by LordMystirio created Mar 07, 2019 Views: 187 Replies: 4
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I hope that you are doing fine. I'm glad to see that you are still producing awesome tools to help solo devs works faster. I'm insterested in JuiceFX and ready to buy but I'm a steam addict and I want to know if you have some steam plans and if you'll provide steam keys to those who bought it here before it's port on steam (if one day you port it on steam).

Also one other question: Do you have any plan to support bigger sprites? I read in another topic that the current limit seems to be 128x128. Would be awesome to be able to export at higher resolutions.

Thanks you



If the app ends up having a big enough audience, we'll surely put it on Steam, and if that happens, all itchio buyers will have a free Steam key like we did with Pixel FX Designer.

About the bigger sprites, I'm planning to do some tests with a bigger canvas, but depending on the size it might be an overkill for most GPUs, so I can't promise anything at the moment, but I'll surely look what it can be done.

Thanks for the support!

Wow awesome. 

I see no reason for this not getting a bigger audience! It's definitely a super time saver,  I'm sure people will jump on board.

You just got yourself a new buyer my friend.

Your apps are awesome and I'm looking forward to the possibility to get bigger sprites, it's true that not everyone has great GPU but that's the point of having various graphical settings for a game, so i think it's truly worth it nowdays.


Thank you again!

Yeah it's looking that getting it on Steam has a real chance now, I'll talk it out with Davit and we'll see if can get on it after today's update. About the bigger canvas we are currently talking about it and we'll try to get it working as soon as possible.

Wow, you are awesome !!! I don't know what what else to say but a very big thank you.

Keep up the good work.